Do you charge guests a deposit?

To replace deposit, in 2023 we will apply a damage fund rate of €1.61 (excl. VAT) per night per accommodation. In 2024, this rate will be €1.73 (excl. VAT). This amount is collected to cover any damages that guests might cause. Since we cannot always prove that guests were responsible for damage that has occurred, we hope this fee will avoids difficulties and prevents negative reviews.

Do you have a Rental Service- package? Then the settlement of damage caused by your guests is between you and the guests themselves. You bill the guests for the cost of the damage. Since we do not enter your accommodation (you take care of cleaning and on-site management yourself), we have no insight into wear and tear and the condition of your accommodation. Therefore, it is not feasible for us to do the damage assessment. However, you can recover the financial damage from us if it can be proven that the damage was caused by the guests.

Do you have a Fullservice- package? Then we handle the damage settlement. 

You can read more about the damage fund here.