How do you deal with reviews and complaints?

After check-out, guests are sent an email inviting them to review your holiday accommodation and our services. You can see these reviews through the owner login portal. After Welcome in has answered the review, it will go live on our site, alongside your advertisement. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to use reviews that guests have submitted to tour operators.

A complaint is always annoying. We do our best to give guests 'a holiday to remember', but memorable for all the right reasons! Because of this, we resolve complaints discretely and courteously and inform you if necessary. Depending on the nature of the complaint, we give you tips, as the property owner, on ways to prevent future complaints.

Compensation list
We have compiled a list containing common reports of complaints and defects. Associated with each report is a compensation scheme to accommodate guests. This allows us to act quickly and appropriately. In
this list, you can find out how we compensate the guest. Please note; each complaint is handled individually, so this is a guide.