How do you achieve optimal rental yields?

There are several reasons why we are successful in achieving high rental revenue:

  • Flexible rental - Guests can choose when they arrive and depart.
  • Dynamic pricing - Within a predefined price category, the rental price of your property varies based on demand and supply.
  • Wide booking options - With years of experience, we know which sales channels, travel providers, tour operators, and Online Travel Agencies to utilize to reach the right target audience.
  • Tailored advice - We personally visit each property and provide comprehensive advice to promote rentals, tailored to your preferences.

Flexible rental

At Welcome in, guests can freely choose their arrival and departure dates. Even during peak season, we do not impose fixed arrival and departure days. However, we ensure through price management that you do not lose income from shorter stays.

Dynamic pricing

Within a pre-agreed price category, we rent out your property at varying prices depending on demand and supply. The algorithm takes into account the past (historical booking performance during the same period), the present (current demand for your property on specific dates), and availability (remaining booking opportunities). By matching the price to the market, it becomes possible to generate additional revenue.

Wide booking options

Welcome in goes to great lengths to present your accommodation to a broad audience. With our extensive experience, we know which sales channels, travel providers, tour operators, and Online Travel Agencies to engage in order to reach the right target audience. This significantly increases occupancy rates and potential returns! Our reservation system is linked to these providers' systems, ensuring real-time updates on availability and prices. This not only keeps you informed about your vacation property's rental status but also prevents double bookings.

Knowledge and experience

Welcome in has a specialized team with years of experience. We know the market inside out, whether it's about rentals, marketing, customer service, technical support, or cleaning. Our dedicated specialists put their enthusiasm into their work every day. We truly understand the language of our customers, both literally and figuratively.

Tailored advice

Before starting a collaboration, we personally visit each property. Drawing on our extensive experience in renting out vacation homes and understanding guest preferences, we provide personalized advice. Together, we discuss the opportunities we see and what changes or additions you could make to further improve your rental experience. All of this is tailored to your specific preferences.

What does this mean for my accommodation?

Welcome in specializes in custom-made solutions; therefore, it is not possible to predict the revenue you can expect. Rental income varies for each accommodation. Numerous factors influence the returns, such as the furnishings, amenities, location, condition, and quality of the property, unique facilities like a sauna, and pet-friendly policies, among others. Additionally, your own stays and availability also affect the rental income. We are more than happy to explore the possibilities for your accommodation. At Welcome in, our experienced team can provide you with the best advice!