How long will our partnership last?

With private owners, the agreement lasts for one year. After this year, the agreement will be tacitly renewed for another year, and so on. 

Early termination

The agreement can be terminated early if the holiday accommodation is sold or is irreparably damaged by fire or natural disaster.

Cancelling the agreement

The agreement must be cancelled in writing at least 6 months before the end of the agreement date. This deadline must be respected due to the annual purchase of advertising from our (web)partners in order to realise bookings.

When you terminate the contract, the bookings already made must be respected. Bookings are settled between you and us subject to the conditions agreed in the cooperation agreement, unless otherwise agreed in writing. 

You can also choose to put a 'rental block' on your property from the end of the term of your contract. Or you can choose to continue taking reservations even after the end of the contract term.