Do I have any insight into the rental?

Absolutely! As the property owner, you can access your rental and property details through the owner portal at any time. You have direct insight into our booking system. 

After signing the contract with Welcome in and completing the new property registration form, you will automatically receive the link to your owner portal by email. The portal includes the following features:

  • Overview - book your own property, view availability in the calendar, promote your property, view your property on the website
  • Statistics - view booking numbers and occupancy rate per year
  • Bookings - overview of all bookings, cancellations and options
  • Payments - overview and status of all payments
  • Invoices - overview, status and payment of invoices, such as rental payments, periodic charges and credit notes
  • Reception messages - updates of bookings and reviews, send messages to Welcome in
  • Reviews - see what guests have to say about your property

Sign in

You can sign in to the owner portal here. 

Notification upon booking & review

You will receive an email notification when a new booking is made or a review is posted. The system does not issue a notification for rebooking due to an emergency or cancellation.