Do I pay tax when I stay in my property?

As an owner, there are no restrictions on how long or how often you can use your holiday let, but in order to charge the correct tax, the municipality in which your property is located needs to know whether you expect to use your accommodation for more or less than 89 days.

There are 2 options:
1) If you stay in your accommodation for more than 89 days, the local government levies commuter tax.
2) If you stay in your accommodation for less than 89 days, you will not be charged tourist tax, and might not be charged any tax at all, depending on the municipality in which your holiday let is located.

In the rental agreement, you indicate which of these 2 options you have chosen. When we start working together, we will send the rental agreement to the local municipality. We are also obliged to provide an annual nightly register, showing the number of nights you stayed in the property.

This allows the municipality to levy the appropriate tax.