How many keys do you need?

We only need keys to your property if you have opted for our full-service package and a digital lock is not an option. 

Digital lock
If a digital lock is being installed on your property, we need one key that fits the original cylinder; we will keep the cylinder until the digital lock is removed again.

Rental service

If you have opted for our rental service package you are responsible for arranging check-in and key transfer yourself. You do not need to provide keys to Welcome in. 

Full-service without a digital lock

If you have opted for our full-service package but a digital lock cannot be used on your property, we will need four keys:

  • two for guests;
  • one for our service team;
  • one which we store securely in our safe.

Other keys

Keys to the back door, garden gate, shed, etc., may remain in the property. Welcome in does not keep copies of these. 

If you have a private room not accessible to guests used for storing things such as inventory, please provide one key to this area. Only the Welcome in service team will have access to this key.